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Bethesda: Skyrim Hearthfire still expected to release on PS3 tonight


Posted by: Matt Liebl


Skyrim Hearthfire is out!!!

***Original Story***

Bethesda is once again testing PlayStation 3 owners' patience. After waiting months for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim DLC, fans would finally have access to Hearthfire, the second of three add-ons for the game -- or so it would seem.

The add-on was expected to go live tonight for those of us in the U.S., but as many PS3 owners have pointed out, it hasn't yet released. Sony usually waits until early evening to update the store, but that time has come and gone and still no Hearthfire. What gives? The official Bethesda Twitter account left a brief message claiming they still expect it to release sometime tonight, but emphasized that it's out of their control.

Unfortunately, they could offer no timeframe on when it would become available. They say it'll happen when Sony updates the PSN. Patience my friends, we've waited this long. Remember, when it does release, Hearthfire will be 50% off!

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